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AI Transformation

Automate and optimize your business processes with cutting-edge AI solutions for increased efficiency and productivity.

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Agent Training

Develop and customize powerful AI modules using comprehensive data integration and advanced training tools.

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Deploy AI solutions in various formats, seamlessly integrating with your existing workflows for minimal disruption.

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Agent Testing

Rigorously test AI accuracy and performance before and after deployment to ensure optimal reliability and effectiveness.

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Agent Certification

Achieve necessary certifications to meet industry-specific regulatory compliance and ensure your AI solutions are up to standard.

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Web3 Components

Enable secure and autonomous transactions and interactions for bots using advanced blockchain technology.

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Workflow Orchestration

Simplify and streamline task management by automating processes with intelligent agents and orchestrated workflows.

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Certified Partners

Ensure successful AI implementation and ongoing support with our network of trusted and experienced certified partners.

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Synergetics transforms businesses with AI bots and Digital Twins that automate tasks and enhance customer experiences.

Our Agentic Al Orchestration Platform is a no-code, with an easy to use drag and drop interface enabling Rapid AI Application Development and a choice of five Deployment formats.

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Solutions for Every Sector

From retail to healthcare and beyond, our adaptable solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, improving customer experiences.

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Revolutionize Patient Care & Efficiency with AI Solutions

Enhance Patient Care with AI Solutions
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Leverage AI to optimize finances, detect fraud, improve service & automate compliance.

AI-Driven Solutions for Financial Optimization
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Enhance engagement, streamline inventory & personalize shopping with AI to boost sales & loyalty

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Sales and Customer Satisfaction
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Improve efficiency and quality with AI automation & analysis for smoother operations & reduced downtime.

Optimizing Operations with AI Automation
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Transform education with AI tools for personalized learning, streamlined tasks, & enhanced data insights.

Enhancing Education through AI Innovation
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Enhance logistics with AI for efficient supply chain management and delivery.

AI-Powered Logistics Optimization
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Streamline operations with AI for real-time data analysis and automation in network management and customer service.

Driving Efficiency Through AI-Powered Solutions
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Enhance energy management, predictive maintenance, and sustainability with AI to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

Efficiency Boost: AI Solutions for Energy and Sustainability
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Tools & Platforms For

The AI Transformation Journey

Assess your Enterprise's AI Readiness Quotient using our Digital AI Transformation Assessments.


Discovery & Assessment

Retrain your personnel and Retool your enterprise with the skills and tools necessary to navigate the AI terrain.


Retrain and Retool

Design a tailored AI solution aligned with your goals using our Agentic AI Platform.


Solution Design

Customize and Train your AI Models with your Enterprise data to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal performance.


AI Model Training

Using Agent Test, rigorously test your AI solution with pre- and post-Launch evaluations to ensure Accuracy and Reliability.


Rigorous Testing

Deploy your AI Solution seamlessly, ensuring smooth integration and minimal disruption.


Seamless Deployment

Enjoy unparalleled 24x7x365 Support and optimization for your Enterprise AI Solution post-deployment.


Continuous Support & Optimization

Achieve Regulatory Compliance and Certifications for y our AI Solution utilizing AgentExam.


Compliance & Certification

Improve Efficiency
reduce costs
increase revenues
Gain Competitive Advantage
Customer Service
Sales Assistance
Backoffice Operations

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“Synergetics' Agentic-AI platform is at the heart of MAI Support's mission to bring affordable, and accessible Addiction Counseling solutions to those in need.”

Alex Montorro

CEO, MAI Support

“Clinitraq's new v2 Radiation Dosimeter, with embedded Edge-AI technology powered by Synergetics, is poised to disrupt the medical device market.”

Dr. Divakar Krishnareddy

Co-Founder, Clinitraq

“The Synergetics Platform plays a pivotal role in OptimisPT's transformation as a dominant player in the AI-powered EMR market.”

Alan Morelli

CEO, OptimisCorp

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July 4, 2024

Unlocking Agentic AI: Balancing Corporate Integrity and FATE Principles

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The AI Afterlife: Why Agentic AI Isn’t Just RPA Back from the Dead

July 4, 2024

The AI Afterlife: Why Agentic AI Isn’t Just RPA Back from the Dead

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